Air Canada In-flight earbuds Review

Air Canada In-flight earbuds Review

I recently had an in-flight review session with the standard issue, non-HD(thats in the front section only, eh?) earbuds currently on sale on Air Canada flights(yes for fookin sale!).

Fit and finsh

The buds are shaped rather like an obloid not known to fit anything, really. Well nothing that I have.
They are each covered in a grippy litle foam thing, that I found to interfere with high end extension, but improved grip.
The 30g cable seems very flexible, and on longer flights, can be fashioned into a noose to fit a creature that you can only imagine being drunk on a plane on a long flight.
the cable seems to be restrained, as exposed by the missing high frequencies usually attributed the the commercials that they show, for 25 mins, on flights now.
I may give them a cryo treatment.

The flight was long and low, so I dozed a bit.
Upon arrival, I thought I must be getting a cold, as my right ear would not decompress.
As i stepped into the full elevator, I had to sneeze very quickly, so I held it in.
Well howdy boys! There is a little foam bud filter right there!

hearing is fine now.

With a little treatment and a pinch of glue for the foam(after perforating the foam, of course), these babies could get me to Hawaii and back!

Aloha and Cheers!


Founder & CEO,

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