110-inch HiSense XT900 Review

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At CES 2013, HiSense took over the expansive booth that Microsoft had used in past years, and for good reason. It had to fit the giant HiSense XT900, the world’s largest UHD display.

This 3840 x 2160 native resolution U-LED is almost as big as most projectors screens, yet has a bright image that no projector screen can compare to.

HiSense was cycling through picturesque desktop wallpapers on the 110-inch screen. This included high-resolution photos famous landmarks throughout the world like the Horseshoe Bend in the Grand Canyon.

This 4K image slideshow looked more vivid than real-life on the jumbotron-like XT900. However, HiSense wasn’t running video content.

It’s like the chicken and the egg situation. There’s isn’t a lot of UDH video content out there that’s suitable for this type of display. Still pictures had to suffice.

IMAX movies are going to be the first easily portable for U-LEDs like the HiSense XT900, which is appropriate because owning this 110-inch television is a lot like owning your own IMAX.

XT900 picture quality

HiSense XT900 tech specs

If the XT900 was running video, it’d be at 120Hz and 3D capable.

While HiSense didn’t have these tech specs in full display, this U-LED was showing off every bit of its 10,000,000:1 Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio.

Other features of the XT900 included WiFi, Smart TV with Google TV, voice control and a camera for Skype calling and facial recognition.

The facial recognition feature was interesting. A parent can set restrictions on who can watch what, so the camera will recognize that Junior shouldn’t be seeing mature content alone.

HiSense was more keen on people’s privacy concerns than other TV manufacturers. It made the USB camera detachable so that it doesn’t have to sit at the top of the television at all times.

XT900 resolution quality

HiSense XT900 price and release date

HiSense was more than ready to show off the stunning XT900 and its impressive brightness and contrast capabilities.

However, it didn’t have information on the release date and pricing for this behemoth.

The company did reveal that the XT900 will be joined by a 65-inch and 84-inch version, for consumers who just can’t fit the 110-inch version in their house and their budget.

By Matt Swider, TechRadar

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