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Over-ear wireless active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones with 25 hour battery life Audio-Technica announced a competitor to the Bose QuietComfort 35 over-ear wireless active noise-cancelling headphones that not only cost $150 less, but have a 25% longer lasting battery. The full model name is quite a mouthful called the ATH-ANC700BT QuietPoint over-ear wireless active noise-cancelling (ANC) headphones. […]]]>
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Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds Got Alexa, Active Option http://www.ecoustics.com/products/jabra-elite-65t-wireless-earbuds/ http://www.ecoustics.com/products/jabra-elite-65t-wireless-earbuds/#respond Mon, 15 Jan 2018 18:12:16 +0000 http://www.ecoustics.com/products/jabra-elite-65t-wireless-earbuds/
3rd gen True wireless in-ear headphones in regular and sport versions Jabra announced the third-generation Elite 65t and Elite Active 65t true wireless earbuds for those who want a best-in-class voice and music experience without wires. The Active version adds extra durability for sporting activities for $20 more. They are engineered to ensure a stable […]]]>
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Sony WF-SP700N True Wireless Earbuds Squeeze in Noise Cancelling http://www.ecoustics.com/products/sony-wf-sp700n-wireless-earbuds/ http://www.ecoustics.com/products/sony-wf-sp700n-wireless-earbuds/#respond Sun, 14 Jan 2018 00:15:46 +0000 http://www.ecoustics.com/products/sony-wf-sp700n-wireless-earbuds/
Water-resistant, wireless in-ear headphones with noise cancellation in earbud or around-the-neck earphone styles At CES 2018, Sony Electronics announced three new sports wireless headphones for the active, stylish music lover that come in earbud style or around-the-neck options and four colors. The top-of-the-line WF-SP700N truly wireless earbuds, along with the WI-SP600N around-the-neck earphones both include noise cancellation […]]]>
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Libratone TRACK+ Wireless Earphones With Adjustable Noise Cancellation http://www.ecoustics.com/products/libratone-track-plus-wireless-earphones/ http://www.ecoustics.com/products/libratone-track-plus-wireless-earphones/#respond Tue, 09 Jan 2018 08:00:03 +0000 http://www.ecoustics.com/products/libratone-track-plus-wireless-earphones/
Cord-free listening with four levels of adjustable noise cancellation or pass-through audio Libratone today introduced the new TRACK+ Wireless In-Ear Headphones for $199, which feature four levels of pre-programmed adjustable noise cancellation that control how much outside noise is heard. In addition, newly updated ear tips let listeners customize their earphones for sports, traveling, or commuting. […]]]>
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Sennheiser HD 820 Headphones Push Fidelity Limits and Price http://www.ecoustics.com/products/sennheiser-hd-820-headphones-2018/ http://www.ecoustics.com/products/sennheiser-hd-820-headphones-2018/#respond Mon, 08 Jan 2018 21:00:24 +0000 http://www.ecoustics.com/products/sennheiser-hd-820-headphones-2018/
Reference class closed-back headphones feature a unique glass transducer cover that minimizes resonances Sennheiser just announced the HD 820 closed-back headphones to accompany their companion HDV 820 amplifier for serious audiophiles. The company says these $2400 headphones ($4800 for the combo) deliver astonishingly transparent sound, thanks to a unique glass transducer cover that minimizes resonances […]]]>
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beyerdynamic Aventho Wireless On-ear Headphones Get Personal http://www.ecoustics.com/products/beyerdynamic-aventho-wireless-headphones/ http://www.ecoustics.com/products/beyerdynamic-aventho-wireless-headphones/#respond Thu, 04 Jan 2018 19:44:53 +0000 http://www.ecoustics.com/products/beyerdynamic-aventho-wireless-headphones/
Wireless Listening With MIMI Sound Personalization and Tesla Drivers beyerdynamic has just introduced Aventho wireless on-ear closed headphones that feature innovative Tesla technology and sound personalization. In cooperation with Mimi Hearing Technologies, beyerdynamic developed the MAKE IT YOURS (MIY) app for iOS and Android, which determines an individual hearing profile of the wearer and stores it directly on […]]]>
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Audio-Technica Releases 3 New Wireless Earphones http://www.ecoustics.com/products/audio-technica-wireless-earphones-2017/ http://www.ecoustics.com/products/audio-technica-wireless-earphones-2017/#respond Wed, 27 Dec 2017 13:00:28 +0000 http://www.ecoustics.com/products/audio-technica-wireless-earphones-2017/
If Apple AirPods aren’t your thing, Audio-Technica has three new Sound Reality in-ear Bluetooth headphones priced from $69 to $149 for you to consider. The top two models include built-in amplifiers (ATH-CKR75BT and ATH-CKR55BT), while the lowest priced ATH-CKR35BT makes wireless listening affordable. The ATH-CKR75BT ($149, pictured top) utilizes high-precision 11.8 mm drivers that deliver powerful, […]]]>
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Apogee and Sennheiser AMBEO SMART HEADSET Make 3D Sound http://www.ecoustics.com/products/apogee-sennheiser-ambeo-smart-headset/ http://www.ecoustics.com/products/apogee-sennheiser-ambeo-smart-headset/#respond Thu, 14 Dec 2017 14:00:39 +0000 http://www.ecoustics.com/products/apogee-sennheiser-ambeo-smart-headset/
Now Available in Black The co-developed Apogee and Sennheiser AMBEO SMART HEADSET for iPhone or iPad lets you create videos with an immersive, life-like 3D sound that places the viewer at the heart of the moment. The $300 headset with lighting connector also offers a high fidelity listening experience with Active Noise Cancellation to block […]]]>
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Audio-Technica ATH-M50xRD Headphone Now in Red/Gold http://www.ecoustics.com/products/audio-technica-ath-m50xrd-headphone/ http://www.ecoustics.com/products/audio-technica-ath-m50xrd-headphone/#respond Tue, 21 Nov 2017 13:00:43 +0000 http://www.ecoustics.com/products/audio-technica-ath-m50xrd-headphone/
Audio-Technica just released the ATH-M50xRD Professional Monitor Headphones, a limited-edition red-and-gold version of A-T’s popular ATH-M50x and part of A-T’s M-Series line of headphones. The ATH-M50xRD features the same sonic signature, along with refined earpads and detachable cables. These over-ear headphones feature 45 mm large-aperture drivers inside sound-isolating earcups and a robust construction. The ATH-M50xRD […]]]>
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Focal Launches Clear High-End Headphone http://www.ecoustics.com/products/focal-clear-headphone-2017/ http://www.ecoustics.com/products/focal-clear-headphone-2017/#respond Tue, 14 Nov 2017 13:00:00 +0000 http://www.ecoustics.com/products/focal-clear-headphone-2017/
Focal released their newest reference headphone for $1500 called Clear. The circum-aural open-back headphone for audiophiles are equipped with a ‘M’-shape Aluminum/Magnesium dome with a new voice coil made of 100% copper. Focal claims remarkable dynamics across the audio spectrum, bass that is always controlled, even at high volumes, and exemplary linearity in the high-end. […]]]>
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