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Frequently Asked Questions


Is eCoustics.com an Online Store?
No. Our service categorizes A/V information, which include product reviews, prices, industry news, articles, buying guides, and other related links.

Is eCoustics.com an Authorized Retailer?
No. We do not sell any consumer electronics.

Is eCoustics.com a Search Engine?
Yes. We are the largest search engine dedicated to consumer electronics, hifi, home audio, home video, home theater, car audio, photography, and A/V accessories.

Can eCoustics.com locate the lowest prices online?
Yes. Click Shop or Comparison Shop.

Can I sell my own electronics?
Yes. List your products in our Shop/Check Prices section viewed by millions every month. Registration is required. Try it out here!

Can I buy eCoustics.com corporate merchandise?
Yes. T-Shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, mousepads, and bags with the official eCoustics.com logo are available from CafePress.

What other services does eCoustics.com offer?
Find all the ways to get started.


Does eCoustics.com write Product Reviews or Articles?
Yes. As of Sept. 2002, we are publishing product reviews! Manufacturers can request to have their products reviewed. Use our feedback form to request a review.

Can I write a Product Review?
Yes. eCoustics Comparison Shopping service offers anyone a chance to voice their opinion about a product.

Can I write/read a Merchant Review?
Yes. eCoustics Merchant Ratings lets anyone share online purchasing experiences from various online stores.

How is eCoustics.com unbiased?
  • We provide comprehensive access to thousands of links related to audio/video information.
  • We include both favorable and unfavorable product reviews and links.
  • We will not remove or not include a link, because of manufacturer or advertiser influence.


How do I Report a Bad Link?
Please use our feedback form to notify us.

How can I link to eCoustics.com?
Our Link to Us page contains banners, search boxes, and logos.


How often is eCoustics.com updated?
Daily (Mon-Fri). New reviews and links are added daily. Price Comparisons and News are updated at least twice a day. Consumer Reviews can be posted at any time.

How can I find the most recently added links?
Click What's New? located in the upper right hand corner of our pages.


Where can I ask a technical question?
Anyone can post a message to the eCoustics Forum (Message Board). Your question or comment will be answered by the eCoustics.com community of users or our staff. No registration is required.

Contacting Us

How can I contact eCoustics.com?
Please use our feedback form or send an e-mail to Our e-mail is checked daily (Mon-Fri) and most responses usually occur within 24-48 hours.

What is the eCoustics.com mailing address?
eCoustics LLC
PO Box 631
San Francisco, CA 94104

What is the eCoustics.com FAX Number?
(978) 285-5563

Can I call eCoustics.com?
No, eCoustics.com does not offer any support over the telephone.