Left tv on video with no signal... is it going to be ok???


hey guys went to bed last night and like an idiot I forgot to turn off the rear projection tv but turned everything else off... there was no signal obviously and the tv was black... would there be any damage done? like burn in or something??

No Nick, you have to actually have an image to "burn-in" that's why you should most always try and fill whatever size screen (4:3 or 16:9) you're watching. Sometimes (crt i'm assuming) projection tv's act a little funny, just unplug it for 10 to 15 mins. and plug it back in and you should be in business. Anything beyond that you'll need to call a service tech.
By the way how long have you had your tv? alot of people don't know that a projection tv has to be adjusted / calibrated once you get it home, because all the setting are turned up on high so it will look good on the sales floor, you can get a calibration disk off the net or from your local blockbuster. Hope this helped.

AWESOME!!! Thanks QuantumMan... yeah I had just purchased the AVIA disc and did some calibrating the night before when I got tired and turned everything off except for the TV... btw the new calibrations look so much better!!! I feel much better now!!!

oh yeah I've had the TV for 2 months now... Sony KP-51ws510 I think....

Nick, I'm glad I could help a little, I have been very impressed by the new line of sony's with drc (digital reality creation) they look amazing!, Well Nick good luck with your new tv.

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