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I asked this same question over on the receiver board, but I thought I would try here also. I currently have a Sony Wega flat screen (no High Def). When I bought the tv, I didn't know much about high quality video, and didn't realize that it had a component video in (didn't know what it was either). After reading this forum for awhile, I started to think that maybe it would have one...turns out it did. So, now I have a dilemma. I would like to run my X-Box and DVD player into the tv via component video. The problem is, my tv only has one component video input. However, I do have an A/V receiver that has component inputs and outputs, so could I run both through the receiver and have only one component video cable running to the tv? Also, as it stands now, I have the DVD player going straight to the tv through S-Video. Being that my TV is not HD, would the results of switching to component be noticable? Thank you all very much for your time.

I want to make sure your talking "apple to apples" here. When you say your TV has only one component input, you mean it has only one input with one each of RED RCA plug, BLUE RCA plug, and GREEN RCA plug?? Collectively known as component input. I didn't know you could have these on a non-HD TV. (what would be the point?)
If it's a single YELLOW RCA plug it's "composite" video ( 350? lines interlaced,lower quality than S-video(540? lines interlaced)) Component video can do 750+ lines PROGRESSIVE for a HIGH DEF picture.

I think one of us is comfused, can you post Brand and Model info on all?

Fab 5
if you do have the component inputs, (red,blue,green) then you would see an improvement over the s-video connection. you can connenct both the xbox and dvd player through your receiver and only use the one connection to your tv as well. i have found out though that alot of people including myself prefer hooking up the video part of a player, xbox, etc, directly to the tv and not go through the receiver. it's just a direct signal and it looks better to me.


I am unsure of the exact model number of the tv...I am at work now and can't get to it. It is a Sony Wega Flat Screen...27 inch. It does have one RCA plug for each of the colors (red, blue, green). Since it is not High Def, will I see a difference between component and S-Video? I have seen the X-Box in both, and the differences are extremely minimal.

You will see an improvement with the component inputs. Mostly you will see lower color noise and slightly less color bleeding than S-Video.

Since component, or Colorstream as Toshiba calls it came out, it has been enchanced twice. First with progressive scan and again with Hi-Def (720p and 1080i).

Connect you equipment as you described. Check your TVs manual (online) to see if it can handle progressive scan. If it can, set you DVD player to progreesive scan. Just be careful not to set your XBox to 720p or 1080i before you read the manual. You may end up with a blank screen.

Hope this helps.

looks like Derek and Fab 5 covered it all!
good video and good gaming to you!

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