Sylvania SRT222TX remote control not working


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I have the SRT2227X. The TV works fine in general. However, when I try to use the remote control, the TV does not respond. I have to use the buttons on the TV for power, volume control, etc. Unfortunately, the geniuses at Sylvania did not put a menu button the TV. Without the remote control, I can't switch to input (i.e., a DVD player for example)

The remote control white buttons light up when I try to use the buttons, so I know the remote has power, good batteries, etc. I also tried 2 Philips universal remotes and an old radio shack universal remote. At this point I think the problem is the sensor on the TV, but I can't be too sure.

There is a relevant discussion at the ecoustics forum:

I have a Sylvania SRT2227X that I can no longer get in to GAME mode, so I can't watch DVD's anymore. I'm on a very limited budget and bought a $6 universal remote which I can't get to work (found this forum searching for Sylvania tv codes). My old remote still lights up and I'm now thinking that it's the infrared receiver that's broken and not the remote. So I don't want to put any more money into remotes. I'm going to try routing the DVD through the VCR and see if I can watch it that way. Will let everyone know if it works.

yea ive been having the same problem as some of you peoples... i have a 20" SRT2220P. one day i was watching tv and the remote was working, hours later the remote would not work. the remote lights up... and i can use the tv itself, but obviously the sensor isn't picking up. i wonder if anyone can help all of us!?

So what should I do? How much do you think it would cost for TV repair? Would it be worth it?

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