Cable and Outdoor Antenna for HDTV


I recently switched from satellite to cable. On the back of my satellite receiver there were connections for both the satellite in and antenna in. Therefore, I was able to use my outdoor antenna (Terk 55) to view the HD channels that weren't broadcast over satellite. Here's my problem: my cable receiver is an Explorer 3100HD with only one connection on the back for the cable in. My cable company currently broadcasts only FOX, NBC and Discovery channel in HDTV format. Is there any way that I can also connect my Terk antenna so that I can receive the ABC and CBS HDTV broadcasts? It seems like a real waste if I can't take full advantage of my HDTV.

I have sat and would like to hook up the the terk 55. when i tried indoors it didn't work. should i put it outside? when i connect it to antenna in then what? the instructions were not clear enough. can you help?

(OK first understand I'm new)

I believe "over the air" HD will need its own reciever, I don't think that cable box will do it for you.

I had to put the Terk 55 outside but it's design allows it to be installed discretely- in my case I mounted it along a gutter. I also faced it towards where the broadcast signals were coming from which in my case was towards the western sky. Distance is also a factor with external antennas. I'm about 50 miles from the towers which is probably pushing the distance factor but it still worked fine.
Once I connected to the antenna in, I was able to select the HD channels from the guide but not the standard channel - in my case, to receive channel 4 in HD, I had to enter 4-1. For channel 5, it is 5-1, etc. You may need to go into your satellite installation setup and select that you have an external antenna in the antenna in. If this doesn't work, let me know and I'll look further into exactly what I did. Nothing worse that having a HD set and not being able to take full advantage of its picture.

I have a Zenith 36nch TV with a "built in" HDTV tuner. The back of the TV has a seperate input for the HDTV tuner that requires 5 wires to be plugged in to work. The confusing thing is that all of the antennas I know of that are used for recieving free air broadcasted HDTV signals, only have a single coaxial cable connection.
Can some one explain to me what the deal is? How can I take advantage of my built in reciever and free air broadcasted HDTV programming?

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