DVD player won't play DVD's...not sure why


I have a year-old DVD player that won't play any of my DVD's including a new one right out of the box. It tries to read them but it doesn't work....any suggestions? thanks.

I have a 2 month old Apex DRV 900 and It wont play any DVDs including new ones. Any suggestions?

Pioneer HTD-520

When attempting to play DVD's it may play the Dream Works intro great(only if shut off then on again) but then locks-up when "menu" appears on the front of the unit. On one DVD (Jimmy Neutron) It makes it to menu mode only to freeze up if I select anything (play, options, ext.). It played on 1 of the 3 dvd's I was trying to play maybe because it dose not have a menu option? I then tried to play that dvd again but it just locked up at menu. I called a repair center and they told me it may be the "mathchip" (there was a bad batch of them) or a "firmware" problem. Anyway I was wondering what you think may be wrong with it. I got the system in this condition. Any help would be much appreciated.

Have you changed the regions? Some players lock up if the regions are changed too many times.

(Sorry if that's insulting your intelligence, but often it's the simple things. I'm presuming you've checked all the cables...)

Dvd player {Sony Stack system} will only play the intro of new DVD's and the extras not the main film. Any ideas what could be causing this and more importantly how can I fix it? Any ideas gratefully appreciated!

Lorie & Robert Scanlon
we have a Sony DVD player we are having trouble hooking up to our t.v. because there no hook-ups on the t.v. Therefore we realize we must hook it up thru either our cable box or our VCR. We have tried following all the directions in the manual, but have failed to figure it out. We are getting no picture. Can you please explain to us what we need to do to get the right connections. We are not idiots, but this has us totaly stumped. Thank you.

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