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Last Christmas my wife got me the Samsung HCN4226W 42 inch projecting tv. The TV looked sweet in the store, of course they probably had HDTV converters hooked to it for premium quality. And at this point there just arent enough channels offered to me to purchase the expensive converter. Regardless i still dont feel im getting the quality i deserve for the money spent. I have the S-Video cable, which i still havent figured out. Should i have that hooked from my tv to my home theater receiver or the digital cable box?? Are there any other things i can do to increase the quality of the picture??? I play DVD's on my xbox and im not impressed one bit, the dvds are hazey looking and not quality looking at all. What am i doing wrong, the xbox is supposed to be progressive scan too?? Im miffed, im getting no enjoyment out of this TV that i have had for the past 8 months now! What must i do to increase the quality of the picture! Please if anyone has some tips that i coudl try please let me know! I appreciate the help!


here is a link for wiring many different confiurations, maybe this will help...

BTW, your picture may look terrible because of cable's lousy reception, however when you play a dvd, the picture should be much better

thanks for the link, that will help with connections!
I was just reading reviews on my tv and this guy said this:

The picture is crisp and clear (once you adjust the convergence). Add on a DVD player with component out and the picture is astonishing.

What is he saying when he says add a dvd player with component out?? If my DVD player has component out what can i do to make my picture "astonishing?"

what type of wire are you using, component or s-video

i have it all, i just got the s-video but dont know if it goes to the cable box or home theatre receiver??? if i have the svideo do i need the other cables?? what exactly does the s video replace??? you still need audio right???

There are three types of video cables in common applications. They are composet(less quality), s-video(better quality), and component(best quality).

Your TV has a s-video and a component video input. From your cable box, do not use a coax connection(coax is the one wiht the screw on connector), use the s-video from the cable box. Connect the audio out from the cable box to your home theater receiver or to the TV, your choice.

For the DVD, connect the video out to the TV with a component video cable... you will have to buy one if you don't already have one. Any electronics store will carry one. Connect the digital audio out from the DVD to your HT receiver.

As for getting a better picture... pick yourself up Avia's Guide to home Theater setup disc. It gives a very good description of how to setup connections and such, as well as different cable types. The real gem of the disc is the audio and video setup portion. It uses a series of test screens to help you set you color, contrast, brightness, and such. It made a huge difference on my 27" screen and an amazing difference on my parents 50" projection. It also contains audio tones to help setup audio recievers.

So with a the S-video cable i dont need the coax cable at all??? Just run the coax from the wall to the cable box then the s-video cable from the box to the TV??

What is the difference between the composet and componet cables??? The RCA cables (the red white yellow generic cables) are they composet? And the gold plated red and blue audio monster cables i was told to buy, are those considered component??? When i look on best buy, there are no cables called component cables, can you clarify for me???

And this Avia guide sounds awsome, where can i pick that up at??? I will go buy that rigth now on my lunch break!

Thanks for all your help, you all have been alot of help to me! Thank you!


Oh and my DVD is my HT system. So i only need to hook up the cable box, the HT(CD/DVD in One), and my Xbox all to the tv.

I keep hearing that the DVD's should look perfect if you have a progressive DVD player. Well i have my pioneer system and my xbox. Ive been told xbox is progressive scan, and from what i can tell my Pioneer system is not but im not sure. When i played DVDs last night, they both looked the exact same to me. No difference whats so ever??? Would monster cables from the xbox enhance the xbox dvd picture, and same with the pioneer dvd system?? Its just really hazey and kinda fake looking, i want that crystal clear imagine that you see in most stores when they play a DVD on an HDTV TV. Shouldnt the DVS look crystal clear regardless of whether or not you have one of those HDTV converters, that has nothingt o do with the DVDs right??? Any clarification woudl be great, thanks again!


The "RCA" cables - (RCA actually refers to
the plug on the end)
Yellow- ALL the video signal!
also refered to as "composite"

Red & White - Right & Left SOUND!

Component cables or connections have "RCA" type plugs that are colored RED, BLUE, and GREEN.
each carries one "component" of the video signal.

Do either your Xbox or DVD player have the RED,BLUE,GREEN connectors?
(actually I'm surprised to hear that the Xbox is also a PROGRESSIVE output DVD player)

another rob
I've since found several articles saying the Xbox DOES NOT output progressive scan when playing DVD movies.

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