Best big screen TV ??


hey guys I'm very new to the big screen TVs, any good tips I can use in buying my first big screen HDTV? (bigger than 50", wide screen) what brands should I look for?, what specs to have? and what to stay away from?
thanks guys :)

I'm just waiting for everyone to argue with their different opinions on this one. Can you give us a little information on what you want for size, what you plan on using it for, and how much you are willing to spend?

I wanna spend around $2000 to 2300 about 57" mainly for watching my movies, DVDs
once again thanks guys :)

First, you may want to start by looking over this chart

Have a look at the big silver Sonys. They have VERY good color, dark blacks, high brightness and sharp pictures. Brightness falls off when viewed from the sides though.

On the low (price) end, have a look at Panasonic and RCA. 57" can easily be had for under $2000. Hitachi, Toshiba and Mitsubishi make great sets. You will have to look at them and choose the one you like. Everyone else is either too expensive or doesn't look good.

Do your homework by going to the manufacturers web sites and looking at specs and downloading manuals.

Hope this helps.

Let the arguments begin!!!

I would also recommend the Sony's. For your price range, you need to decide between newest model and a higher-up model. The new line of Sony's is supposed to be out in July, in which you could probably afford the 57WS510. However, many places are trying to get rid of the current years models so you might be able to buy a 57WS700 for the same price. You should try get into a store so you see what you like.

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