DVI vs 1394


joe simmons
I was just at a Ken Crans here in Southern California, and the saleman told me that DVI is going to be dead in a few months and that 1394 is "MUCH BETTER". What Gives I notice that Mitsubisi is the only user of 1394, and everyone else is going with DVI, I'm thinking Mitsu or Toshiba, but the DVI 1394 thing has me worried, which is better and which will be here longer

'Looks like the manufacturers will decide.

1394 is a computer connection that supports 127 devices. It is 100% digital but it does not have quite enough bandwidth (usually) to send HDTV so most signals will be compressed (slightly).

DVI was originally a digital computer display connector for monitors with fixed pixels (LCDs). DVI is also 100% digital but has plenty of bandwidth to send an HDVT signal. Unfortunatly that is scaring the movie studios who have forced a(n incompatable) display flag be required on DVI TVs to prevent copying of HD contect. DVI is also adding audio and bi-directional content to the connectors and though most computer video cards now have DVI connectors, most LCDs for which the DVI connector was created for don't have the connector to save a penny. It looks like DVI has the potential but the movie studios are trying to sent it the way of the DAT.

Hope this helps.

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