Component Inputs- What is the standard?


My television has component video inputs, however-it is NOT an HDTV. Just a regular ol' JVC television. What kind of resolution will I get out of this? 480i? I can't seem to figure out what kind of resolution component inputs have if they are not on an HDTV. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


I also forgot to ask- I have an xbox and am considering getting the high-definition pack because of the component video outputs. Do you think this will work on a tv that has component video inputs, or will it HAVE to be an HDTV? Thanks!

Your tv does 480i; same as mine, analog with component in. Yea, the Xbox component cables will work fine on your set. You won't notice much difference between that and s-video though.


Your component input is probably 480i. The first component devices (Toshiba called it "ColorStream") was designed to show all of a DVDs resolution with very pure colors. Manucaturers have simply been upping the bandwidth; progressive scan (480p) on up to 1080i. You may want to plug a progressive scan DVD player into your TV and see what happens. I have an older Proscan (RCA) 52" and it displays everything interlaced, but the VGA and component inputs are progressive.

Hope this helps.

Your TVs inputs are interlaced only. If you connect a progressive scan dvd player you will only get a picture in interlaced mode. Only EDTV(enhanced definition) and HDTV(high definition) capable sets will show you 480p.

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