Purchasing a HD Ready 16x9 40-51inchs..Help!



Could someone tell me what is the better 16x9 rear projection television to buy? Im trying to keep it to no more than 2000. I have been told Sony is the best, and then Toshiba and then Hitachi. Any thoughts would be great! Thank you in advance!


Hiatchi fan
Hitachi is clearly the better choice..i just purchased the Hitachi 57" , though the 51' might be a touch more then 2000 bucks..I have a friend, a true video/audiophile who is an editor for a top magazine, and the hitachi is his favorite

Look at some of the Sonys as well. They have very good pictures though brightness falls off to the sides. Panasonic also makes televisions with good sharpness and contrast for much less money than most.

Check out

Hope this helps

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