Socom and 480p mode on PS2


I have my PS2 hooked up to my hdtv via component cables but when I try to get socom to switch to 480p the screen flashes then comes back and says interlace mode restored. Can anyone help me?

to add to this I have the component cables plugged into the component dvd in ports, if i try to connect to the HD in ports i get a message onscreen that says "connect a valid video format"


What kind of Television do you have, and did you turn on the component video feature on the PS2?

But then, you must have to get any picture.. you know the Yb, Xy, Py (whatever settings)

This may be obvious, but I'm just covering the bases like a good tech support rep should:
When you switch to 480p in SOCOM, the screen should flash and then it should ask again: "are you sure?" If you fail to respond, it reverts back. This isn't what is happening to you, is it?

I too have the same problem. My answer is, you don't really have an HDTV. I found out not too long ago that although some sets have the component inputs in the back, it doesn't mean the TV supports 480p. You DO get much clearer picture without the progressive scan mode but if you get a scambled picture on SOCOM when you turn progressive scan on, its just means your TV doesn't support 480p. Sadly thats how it seems to me. :(

Does anyone know how to connect a Ps2 to an old tv without using an rfu adapter?
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