Mitsubishi WS-48311, Toshiba 42HDX82 or Sony KP46WT500


Limited on space I have narrowed down my search for a RPTV to the Mitsubishi WS-48311(w/o DVI or FireWire-upgrade costs $900+), the Toshiba 42HDX82(with DVI), and the Sony KP46WT500(with DVI). Due to the size/configuration of my room I need one that will provide the best off angle viewing. I have read that Toshiba lacks in this area. How important is the DVI, Fire Wire connection? I like the Mits but $900 seems a bit much for the upgrade when I can spend $500 more for the model with tuner in it but who knows if that will be obsolete in the future? Your comments on these models and concerns I mentioned and any suggestions would be appreciated. How do these models compare? Any experience with any of them? I don't want to make a $2000 mistake! Thanks

Mike Poole
I have the toshiba 42HDx82. There a 2 model's I have the top of the line one. I did a lot of research on the TV's in question and went to a lot of stores.

After about 4 months of research I found the Toshiba to be the best value and picture for the money.

My room is very small and the set fits in fine. We had a great superbowl party and got nothing but rave reviews of the set. Someone went out and bought one afterwards.

I went to PC Richards and got them down to 1504.00 on the set before delivery and tax.

I have no reason to go to the movies any more. LOL!

I am going to go out and upgrade my home theater system now.
Have fun!!

I think I am leaning toward the Mitsubishi WS48311. Several people (including sales people)have told me the Toshiba is particularly susceptible to loss of image brightness at all off center viewing angles where the Mits has a much greater viewing angle (160 degrees, I think). That is a very important factor for my room. By the way, how far away do you sit? Thanks for you input. Did you look at the Mits when shopping for yours?
I too am looking for a Home Theater system.
I think I will go with the Yamaha YHT700 for around $799. People are really talking up the Ondyo 650. It sounds good but the speakers are too big for me and it doesn't have a DVD player. What are you looking at?

Capt Brewha
I have a Sony KP46WT500. The viewing angle is quite wide, but not vary tall. The major selling point of the set was the gun convergence. Of all the ones I looked at (including the Tosheba/Mits) it was the only one that did not need "tweeking". All of the others needed some correction when I displayed a test grid. Three sony's in a row (different retailers) did not.

If it helps - the sony Rocks! It also has all the groovy conectors on the back.

The Sony is as awesome as a mother %$#$&!!

The 3 TVs in question are very good each with their own strengths. Without a doubt the Toshiba is the sharpest. The Sony has great connectivity and with the stand room for equipment under it. Unfortunately the Sony has a habit of throwing it's focus way out of whack from time to time needing service. The only ones that do this is the 500 series 46" and 51". The Mits is my favorite with the most accurate color controls, most complete convergence adjustments, great remote control. DVI seems to have become a non-issue recently with IIIE1394 (firewire) now becoming the new HD standard.
Mits is also releasing a NetCommand Box about June or July that will have NTSC and ATSC tuners, analog, RF, and Firewire connectivity. Good Luck.

HD Luver
Investigate the Hitachi 57" , very sweet rptv

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