Indoor antennas and HDTV


I am considering purchasing a HDTV tuner with an antenna until my cable company upgrades to HDTV. Some folks have talked about using good old rabbit ears with these tuners. Are HDTV signals received with rabbit ears prone to ghosting and grainy results like I remember from the analog days?

My experience so far would say no, you won't get ghosting, but you may get pixelation. I bought a Terk TV-55 for my Sony HD for over the air signal and it seems to work fairly well. When I do lose signal, the picture get's pixelated, much like 'rain fade' on satelite systems. Terk's web site also has an over the air antenna map to best point your antenna.

Even as of April, there is a minimal, but growing amount of HD formatted shows. Remember, the majority of TV shows were shot in 4:3 format non-HD format, so much of what you see won't be HD quality.

scott alan
It depends on where you live.
HDTV is sent over the UHF band and can be disturbed by a thousand different factors.
A weak signal in HDTV will not be grainy. you either have the signal or you dont.
My advice is to purchase an outside roof mounted antenna. You can buy one for $40 on up. I use a cheap one and have no problem. make sure you ask for a UHF antenna. Most networks show the prime time shows in hdtv so there is starting to be alot to watch.

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