Replacement Light Engine Successfully Installed on Samsung HLN5065WX!!


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I started a thread about two weeks ago when my Samsung DLP television broke. I had been experiencing sporadic loss of picture, but it got to the point when I could only watch TV for about 30 seconds before the screen went gray. The light wheel was a bit "noisy" but the lamp wasn't burned out. The real problem was a bad connection between the lamp and the processor which caused the lamp to turn itself off. Both the Best Buy and Samsung tech said that I needed a new Light Engine which would have cost around $1500 plus an additional $200 for installation. This was obviously out of the question. Instead, I purchased a brand new, still in the box Light Engine off of EBay for $450 and installed it myself. Anyone with half a brain and a phillips screwdriver can do this themselves. There has been some discussion about needing DigiMain to "re-program" the engine. This is true for the newer models, but the older models do not need to be re-programmed. The EBay seller included installation instructions in the shipment, which were necessary as there are a lot of parts and connectors back there. Included in the Light Engine are the lamp, ballast, color wheel, DLP chip, and other components. Its pretty much a brand new TV. In any case, for those of you who unwittingly skipped out on the Warranty (like myself) rest assured that it's possible to fix your TV yourself. And for anyone out there looking for Light Engine parts (i.e a DLP chip, light wheel etc.) contact me.

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Does anyone known what the expected life is on the light engine inside a Samsung HLN507? I have looked through numerous manuals and websites, but I must be looking in the wrong place. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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The light engine could last a very long time.

The lamp is a consumable item.
It will last 6000 to 10,000 hours if you're lucky. ($200)
The color wheel will eventually need to be replaced. ($119)

David Ahn
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Thanks for your post, Justin. I've had the funkiest problem with my HL-R4667 where the picture gets sharp contrasting color banding in horizontal bands with smooth gradations, and very noisy yellow-red snow in splotchy areas (like tree leaves, carpet fibers, etc.). It is unwatchable. The repairman couldn't quite see the problem (it waxes & wanes), but ordered a light engine anyway (I wasn't sure what the light engine entailed). Unfortunately, the wrong part arrived, and I'm waiting for the correct part now. I hope this fixes the problem, but if it includes the DLP chip and the color wheel, I think that should do the trick. I'll keep you posted.


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