What brands of TV do you recommend (or don't recommend)


Yum Vo
I know RCA, Sanyo, Sharp, and Apex are bad. Anything else? This is just for a normal, 19-25" analog TV.

Are you looking for a Flat Screen Analog TV???

Yum Vo

I tend to live and die with Consumer Reports magazine. I let them to the testing and analysis and then I read the reports. I do this with any major purchase. Their website - has done a nice study on 27" TVs. But you needs to be a member to read the report. The subscription is like $25 a year. Good information. For flat screen 27 inch TVs their top ones are: Toshiba 27AF42, Sony KV-27FV300, Sony KV-27FV100, JVC AV-27F713, Sharp 27U-F500, and AKAI CFT2791. Hope this helps.

Yum Vo
That's awesome, thanks.

Does anyone know anything about smaller TV's (19-25") non-flat screens? And what's so special about flat screens anyways?

I like Sharp TVs up to 27inch. I've had a couple and their good value in my opinion. These are for people that don't want to spend alot of money on a TV. Also check out JVC.( Regular TVS)

Don't know where the info about Sanyo tvs being
bad came from. They are normally rated at or near
the best for the least amount of service by consumer Reports maq. I bought 27" - 31" sets
for myself and 4 of my adult kids. The first one
to need any repair was on constant duty for 12
years. They are not designed with the best and
latest features bur perform well .PS I would not
buy any U.S. made TV until the quality comes up
this is not only my personal experiance but the
Consumer Digest Non-recommendations.

I have the AKAI CFT2791 27" Flat Screen TV. Its a good flat-screen TV for the price ($350).

However, I noticed that it tends to shift the brightness on dark scenes. It almost appears as if its trying to "auto-iris" the image; brightening the screen.

For example, a black screen with white text: when the white text is on, the black screen is BLACK. When the white text dissolves off, the black screen becomes not as black.

Another example of this fluctuation is in the beginning of the Lord of the Rings when Gollum is in the cave eating a fish. As the camera tilts up, the screen is in a constant state of brightening/darkening. This happens no matter what setting the TV is in (standard, custom, zoom, 4:3, etc.)

This only happens when there is a dark scene. If its happening other times, it isn't noticeable.

I'm not overly concerned, as its not a constant problem. But I was wondering if anyone else had this issue with this model.

just bought akai pth 5498 any news on how it will work and hold up.

What about sanyo 27 flat screen any good?

does anyone know about toshiba 51 inch screen tv do they break easily, picture quality? anything would be helpful or are different brands better

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