Replacement Screens?


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I have an rca 46" rear-projection screen tv. The screen is cracked. Does anybody know where or if I can get a replacement screen for it?

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I have the same problem with my 52" toshiba.

I called one of the toshiba distributor, they gave me the repair contact. I got the prize for my screen, it is around $300 !!

I dont know if a regular plexiglass do the same.
Also, I dont really know how to remove the screen from my TV...

If somebody know, please help!


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What is the model number and month and year of manufacture of the TV you are trying to get replacement screens for? Which screen do you need - the screen protector (clear and you can see yourself in it), the lenticular (is rough feeling and has ridges)or the fresnel (behind the lenticular and looks whitish with a faint circular pattern)?

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I have a GE 46GW948. I scratched the screen in 2 places trying to clean it. Otherwise it's a great TV. I need a new lenticular - tinted with ridges.

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I work for RCA, which made your GE PTV. Replacement screens should be something that an RCA authorized repairman can order. You should be able to just order the lenticular if you, or the repairman, is very careful to put the two pieces back together in a CLEAN location. I little static electricity and a little dust goes a long way to creating havoc. . . if you know what I mean.

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I need a replacement Lenticular screen for a Pioneer Pro-118 TV. The Pioneer part nuber is AMR2752. Does anyone know where I can get one? Please E-mail me at . Thank you

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I need a replacement lenticular for my mitsubishi vs-70601. Any ideas would help.

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