Help! -- Hitachi 57XWX vs. Mitsubishi WS-55909??


The Hitachi's claim is to have self convergence, while the Mitsubishi's claim is to have fire-wire. However, I heard all other brands dropped that, so it is likely to not be an issue. Specs seem similar, but I am unable to see both sets together in same store. Any advice out there on Hitachi vs. Mitsubishi? Thanks

Hitachi is the best.

Lina T
Hitachi's self convergence is nothing more than reset factory default, which the Mitsubishi also has. In addition to that, however, the Mitsubishis also have manual convergence, which is always going to be better, because your eye is always going to be the best judge of how the picture looks. If the Hitachi's auto convergence doesn't work out, you have to call out a technician. With the Mitsubishi, you can fix it yourself, pretty easily.

Firewire is also a nice feature. The Hitachis have DVI. DVI and Firewire are the only two truly digital transfers. Firewire is the winner so far, since it's a two-way, recordable connection. DVI is one way only.

All in all, you would be better off with a Mitsubishi.

2002 and newer Hitachis have manual convergence. You do not have to call a technician to manually converge your set.

Firewire is NOT the winner of anything. It remains to be seen what the outcome of this ongoing battle will be. Most set manufacturers are including DVI inputs on their sets and Mitsubishi will be doing the same on their 2003-2004 line. If you buy a set with a built in HD tuner, it will also have Firewire ports.

You may be better off with a Mitsubishi, but not because of the misinformation provided by Lina T. Your best bet is to spend some time with products from Hitachi and Mitsubishi (they're both in the middle of a model year change) and draw your own conclusions.

Good luck!

Then there is HDMI replacing all of these interfaces. HDMI is a DVI of spring with a 5Mb per second uncompressed audio and video bi-directional feed. Its the future. All the best features of IEEE1394 and DVI combined. Its also going to carry us into SuperHDTV 4000X2000 line TVs, when or if it comes.

My question is if you want to record a HD signal from a converter box connected to a HDTV, can you record from a DVI connection?

Who can tell me how to connect DVI and IEEE1394 connector with a cable?

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