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DVI, HDMI, Composite , What do you all think?UKMatt202005-01-19 20:13
Mitsubishi VS-6041 A/V ModuleJohn D. Nash12005-01-19 16:21
GE 60GW948 - NEED SHIELD ?bill h12005-01-19 08:16
Anyone clever at TV/VCR/DVD/CABLE box connectionsAnonymous22005-01-18 14:09
Sony Grand Wega Lamp ProblemSouper Trooper272005-01-18 00:15
Using PAL TV in FranceLuis Carvalho12005-01-17 17:36
I only have 2 component inputs, how might I get 3?Still Learning22005-01-17 14:57
PC on TVScott K42005-01-17 03:57
Why is default language often French?xvxvxv22005-01-16 17:25
Tuner out on a old Mitsubishi TVKahuna22005-01-15 19:57
RCA - screen problems - can it be replaced?R. Con32005-01-15 07:11
Help for hooking up OTA?Shawn U.12005-01-14 19:00
New DVR box, analog fuzzy, picture mode not consistent???Bailey Everitt32005-01-14 15:06
An odd observation on my TVMheAd12005-01-14 13:46
Old JVC User ManualHarry Dwight12005-01-13 23:29
Progressive Scanning on 1080i?Theil172005-01-13 22:24
Reviews of Sony KD34-XBR960? Justintoxicated42005-01-13 17:25
Computer to HDTV...... please help....... Anonymous42005-01-13 16:51
COMPOSITE to RFCurtis ITSMEHONEST22005-01-13 08:29
Best way to view computer on big screen??rick12005-01-13 07:03
Hdmi? dvi? any good websites that explain all this ?rick12005-01-13 07:00
LCD for Me (?)Anonymous32005-01-13 05:36
Postage StampAnonymous32005-01-13 05:04
EDTV Better than HDTV for DVD?Justintoxicated32005-01-12 19:50
Newbie question on widescreenAndy32005-01-12 07:39
HELP!! 36" RCA Tube TV Manf Date March 96John B.12005-01-12 05:21
Pioneer or Sony?? Help!!!!Sean hale32005-01-11 05:32
Phillips- no videoshawn12005-01-10 23:30
Help with my older Sony TVCARLOS MORALES52005-01-10 21:12
Ghosting and/or Color offset on my CRT HDTVMark Davis12005-01-10 17:47
Better cable TV connection on new TV?monster082612005-01-10 16:26
How do I get my computer to play video to my receiver and TV?omonkeymann12005-01-10 03:39
Advent TV has black box in middle of screenDon Griffin42005-01-10 03:05
Question about upconverting dvd playersIto22005-01-09 15:58
Connecting 2-Wire Antenna Wire / UHF on TV???Trent Foster22005-01-09 15:39
Changing "no input signal" picture from blue to black?leonid12005-01-08 23:04
27" Toshiba-need source for flyback transformerDavid Edwards12005-01-08 18:27
DVD HDTV Upres + TV Input questionAnonymous92005-01-08 04:23
RCA to CoaxialArmature42005-01-08 03:04
Magnavoxoscar dominguez82005-01-07 08:30
Durabrand TVsD. James Englebright12005-01-07 01:47
Digital CableDiscovering62005-01-06 23:10
Help with my Toshiba Projection TVmikiem7912005-01-06 23:06
Video setup older tvSharon Scafidi12005-01-06 15:46
Panasonic HDTV's?Anonymous22005-01-06 05:52
ProScan Ps27108mark deterk12005-01-06 02:59
Explorer 3100 help static kind of soundth0m22005-01-06 00:50
Panasonic tv picture is badDjenka32005-01-05 23:41
Digital Cable BasicsDiscovering42005-01-04 16:10
Siemens locked in hotel modeadrian sava12005-01-04 08:30
PiP on Mitsubishi CK3526RAdrian Cardenas12005-01-04 00:19
Widescreen Buying HelpDLP for me42005-01-03 17:44
Surge protection for rptvsChristopher Vendemio22005-01-03 05:33
30" widescreen HDTV vs. 32" standard non-HDHolmes10882005-01-03 01:18
Should I get digital cable ??Anonymous32005-01-02 07:43
Widescreen questionsStill Learning42005-01-01 22:55
Intergrated HDTV tunersDiscovering32005-01-01 22:46
I'm new to HomeTheater Stuff... Lots of DVI-related questionsDiscovering22005-01-01 21:09
Tv volume has mind of its ownkevin12005-01-01 05:54
1 HDMI But 2 Digital Sources; What to do?Shawn August32004-12-31 17:17
Problems with Sansung DLP HLN567WAnonymous12004-12-31 16:40
Considering an LG LCD/DLP rear projectionGreg Azar12004-12-31 06:23
Triple Combo Remote Conrol Code Woesekim12004-12-30 16:23
Component Cables Necessary??Jacob Pagel242004-12-30 01:18
HDTV Ready??bruceb32004-12-29 18:01
Help with a stand for sony kp-46wt500freman yant12004-12-29 01:48
.SONY KD36XS955Allen G62004-12-29 01:04
Mitsubishi 22'' - model CT-25M3TXAngelina K22004-12-28 22:41
Pioneer PRO 107PRO+10712004-12-28 18:45
Hd "ready" vs. hdtvAnonymous22004-12-27 22:07
Poor "pass through" cable reception with Tivo deviceDave Clark12004-12-27 18:05
Importance of dvi inputmystifiedbyacronyms322004-12-27 15:01
V-chip turning itself onJulie T.12004-12-26 22:34
Pls helpAnonymous12004-12-26 07:16
Help - Projection tv whent darkFLICKRICK22004-12-26 01:58
PS2 video/audio will not play, suggestions please?Ani12004-12-25 16:55
Hook Game Cube Up To HDTV Cable Systemstendall22004-12-25 15:31
COX CableKen Harkins102004-12-23 23:08
Mitsubishi new 52'' cable problemsBrian Bisher12004-12-23 04:09
45" RCA Projection TV Not Starting and Dimmkatto12004-12-22 17:00
Why is my Sony KDF60WF655 displaying movies in "very" wide mode onl...xvxvxvx42004-12-21 16:17
Need EEPROM image for SONY KV-G14P2Anonymous32004-12-21 13:48
DVD + Comcast Digital CableEmergencyExit12004-12-20 23:37
PC (DVI or S-Vid) to HDTV ?Anonymous12004-12-20 23:32
Sony vs toshiba picture ?Anonymous32004-12-20 23:25
Progressive scan ?David Umbro12004-12-20 18:15
TV BrandsGlen Zelinsky12004-12-20 15:36
Panasonic CT34WX54 34" vs. Toshiba 34HF84 34"John Doe32004-12-17 19:01
Regular Cable(not digital)Shawn Davis12004-12-17 14:37
Bottom Line - What's the Best Bet??Nachoman9112004-12-16 18:32
Hdtv dvd playerAnonymous12004-12-15 07:45
DVD player question for Sony KF-50WE610Michael Kuntz32004-12-15 06:02
A TV to offer the best gaming experience ?John Doe12004-12-14 20:29
Cable Card and Cable Guidexvxvxvx22004-12-14 15:46
Help me plz...........................oscar dominguez12004-12-13 06:54
Sony KV-32HV600 - Normal vs. ProgressiveMatthew McBride12004-12-13 02:27
DVI and HDMI question. any help greatly appreciatedAnonymous132004-12-12 05:53
I need helposcar dominguez12004-12-11 21:08
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