Savard subwoofer enclosure need?


Savard hasn't been around for quite a few years (thanks for not paying your taxes Bill...) but their drivers were incredible when used in the proper enclosure.

I spent some time on the phone with Bill Savard back before the IRS locked his doors and have some enclosure specifications that will really make those drivers work well. I know I have a couple of custom setups for the Rap series 15" and 12" and some cool small bandpass designs on the HI-Q 12" and HI-Q 10" series competition subs.

Anyway, if you still have any of these hanging around and you want to see what they can do let me know... email me


i am a savard fan too.the boxes sound great. im having problems finding savard enclosures. i am wanting the box specifications for the single 12" bandpass or/both dual 12" bandpass. if you have either of these it would be helpful. thanks!!

Here are two Bandpass designs for Savard HI-Q 10" drivers (4-ohm.) I'm still hunting for the 12" specs...just found these today.

Single 10"
Sealed volume: .7'^3
Vented volume: 1.4'^3
Port: 23"^2 x 8.25" long

I built this box about 12" square(od) and 32" long outside. The divider inside (the baffle) was about 9.25" from one end, the rest was vented chamber.

Dual 10"
Sealed volume: .45'^3 (each driver has own)
Vented volume: 1.5'^3 (both share this chamber)
Port: 28.35"^2 x 9.03" long

I built this box to where there the rectangular port was between the sealed chambers and the vented chamber was shared behind them.

Always make sure you have at least 4" of clearance between the end of the port and any interior chamber wall or don't want port noise!


I'm Bill Savard. I was not aware of this site. The years I spent in the industry were exciting and I was able to meet many interesting people like all of you. I am pleased to see that people still enjoy some of the work I once dedicated my life to.

Wow the legandary Bill Savard. Hey Bill do you know where I can Find some of your speakers? I have been hunting for some for 8 years now. I have been everywhere from pawn shops to Ebay. There is nothing like Savard subs. Thanks! Aaron

Hi Aaron.

No, I don't know where Savard speakers can be found. I hear about them occasionally by accident.

By coincidence, I just spent a couple of hours on the phone talking to one of my old tech support guys. He (Bart) is still very active in the loudspeaker and amplifier design part of the industry. We spent some time discussing a comeback on a small scale in the area of speaker rebuilding, design modification, custom built home speakers and just anything we might have fun with. I would have to invest in test equipment again and get some of my old and younger associates to bring me up to speed. I'm 56 now, but my son is 14 and has a good mind. This is a hobby we could do together, as we do with boats. We would offer services that we find interesting and in some cases profitable.

I have a house in Baton Rouge now, but I spend most of my time doing business analysis on an island off the coast of Louisiana. My older kids run most of my staffing businesses in Baton Rouge and Lafayette. I would now have the time to invest in a hobby like this. I don't want to leave my island, so whatever I do will have to be done here. What do you think, I am open for suggestions.

Take care,
Bill Savard

Bill If you are thinking about Rebuilding speakers what type of Drivers would you plan on distributing and I think what your Doing is a great Idea cuz theres just not that many Subs that are capable of doing much in the performance Category to me nowadays.Anyways If you are Planning on coming back and rebuilding subwoofers let me know Please!!!!!!

Bill Savard
Hi Hydro;

I think I would interested in different designs, depending on what project we were involved with at the time. I would probably be interested in helping old Savard customers with repair, rebuilding and modifications. I might also like to do what got me started in this industry over 30 years ago. I would like to just build something interesting. In the home audio industry, I would probably build small quantities of speker systems that would bring you as close to the 5th row seat of a quality live performance as you could hope for in your own living room. I might like to offer cost effective quality drivers along with enclosure designes targeted to achieve specific objectives, depending on what we find challenging or what is requested at the time. Remember, this would be a hobby first and a business second. Take care

bill savard!, really? if so, glad to meet you, i have a few 10'proseries in need, do you have any parts? i worked at mitek in monroe however still at tha time an avid savard fan, good luck. e-mail at for my fax and phone #'s


Met you at MES in Atlanta some years back... We were a rep for your products (distributed through Southern Sound if I remember correctly) In any case I still have to HI-Q 10's sitting around. I am planning on tossing em into some boxes for the home theatre. Our "show car" used to house two rap 15's and thats all it ever needed!

I invite you to join the diyspeakers mailing list. It is comprised of hobbyists, engineers, designers and other folks dedicted to high quality sound reproduction (among other related hobbies). The list used to be called "the bass list" but has long since moved away from the "boom car" topic it created to support years ago.

Everybody else here is welcome to join the mailing list and see what it is all about.

Now for a recomendation for those of you BASS minded folks. ADIRE AUDIO has a few subs that will blow your mind. The tout the most linear xmax in the industry! You want to move some air (and do it cleanly) these are the drivers for you. Check out the bhrama and Adires other drivers. Also please note that Dan and Dave (from adire) are members of the diyspeakers mailing list and offer plenty of support for their products.


You can find us at

Please also feel free to email me at with any questions.

Hey Bill, I think alot of people would be excited about a small scale comeback. Now with the internet, you would be able to work anywhere in the world, and get your product and support out to the consumer. The enclosers you designed were remarkable. You defenatly have our support here. If there are any people out there who have some Savard speakers you are willing to get rid of please contact me @ I am looking for either 15" or 12" Rap series, or 12" Hi-Q. Thanks!

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i was messing around and looked up savard on google and came up with this site, i had a truck featured in the savard broshure back in 92? its a red nissan with 4 sq 12s in a bandpass, if anyone has this and could scan it id love to see it again, that truck took me to the usac worl final.

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Holy Kamole, is that really the Bill Savard of Psycho Accoustics?

Dude, you are a legend. Dynamic Audio in Plano Texas had an Asro with 16 Rap 12" subs and 10,000 watts of 'prototype' Alphasonik was untouchable by anyone back when 12's were inadequate to compete.

If you are considering a comeback, even small scale, please bring the HI-Q line with you!!! I hunt down and buy every Savard speaker I can find, working or not. Need them for helping the comeback? I even have a folder of enclosure designs that you and your crew drew up for me to build customers.

I still use Rap 15's in my system...this is over 10 years of hardcore use and they work fine. Who else can say they have drivers with that quality? How you sold them so cheap (for the performance anyway) and honored the warranty so quickly still amazes me.

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I would love to have a copy of your savard folder. I have a few items, but have lost most of it over the years. I also worked directly with the Savard design team back in the early 90's. I have 2 hi-q 10's that will be powering my home theatre subs. (long since out of car audio). In any case Bill Savard, seems to have dropped in and dropped out. Not a peep from him since before Christmas.

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I have 2 pairs of Savard Hi-Fi Phase 15 loudspeakers.I keep them in top shape with Scotts Liquid Gold.I was told that Emence Speaker Corp. is a good replacement for Savard woofers.I found the piezo tweeter at Southern Radio Supply in Baton Rouge.

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Take a look guys

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NO! Don't look! It's evil!! *laffs*

be nice to me :c)

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