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For 2013, JVC announced an updated lineup of DRVN entry level coaxial and component speaker options including five new coaxial selections plus two continuing custom fit sizes and a component system package. Woofer drive cones feature Carbon Mica combined with a hybrid surround comprised of cloth and rubber for enhanced longevity and light, quick playback […]]]> 4
Pioneer TS-A Series Car Speakers (2013) Tue, 30 Oct 2012 17:30:53 +0000
Pioneer today released its TS-A Series automotive speakers, which feature a new Multilayer Mica Matrix Cone, lightweight dome midrange for brighter vocals, and a new aggressive cosmetic design. The front grill covers were inspired by the faceplates of Pioneer’s 2013 single CD players. Available in 5-1/4”, 6-1/2”, 4” x 6”, 6” x 8” and 6” […]]]> 0
JVC CS-ZX6940, ZX640, ZX630, ZX530 DRVN Coaxial Car Speakers Sat, 11 Feb 2012 10:39:53 +0000
For 2012, JVC introduced four new DRVN series coaxial car speakers, showcasing Aramid Carbon Mica 3D Cone Woofers which have been enlarged with a molded ridge design for increased strength, less distortion, and precise amplitude. In addition, there's a 3D grille-matching design tailored for both maximum in-car performance and a sleek aesthetic look. Woofer drivers […]]]> 0
Rockford Fosgate PPS4-6 and PPS4-8 Punch Pro Car Speakers Sat, 11 Feb 2012 10:00:44 +0000
Rockford Fosgate introduced the highly efficient, 100-Watt (RMS), 6-inch PPS4-6 and 125-Watt (RMS), 8-inch PPS4-8 midwoofers designed to provide high dB levels with little to no distortion. These Punch Pro Series midrange speakers have been engineered for high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) conditions. The oversized motor structure and high temperature voice coil, combined with a […]]]> 0
Rockford Fosgate Prime, Punch, Power Coaxial Car Speakers Sat, 11 Feb 2012 09:40:02 +0000
Rockford Fosgate has expanded its Prime, Punch, and Power Series full range coaxial car speaker lines with nine new models, which include true 6-inch, 6.5-inch, and 6.75-inch sizes. Each model, no matter the variation in size, has been designed to incorporate Rockford Fosgate’s sonic signature. In addition, to accommodate the customer’s budget as well as […]]]> 0
Clarion SRG Series Car Speakers Sat, 11 Feb 2012 07:12:14 +0000
For 2012, Clarion announced eight value-priced SRG (Good) series multi-axial and coaxial car speakers, all with powerful strontium magnet and metallized PEI cone mid-range or metallized PEI balanced-drive mid-range and metallized PEI baranced-drive tweeter or dome tweeter. Three are 3-way multi-axial speakers. One all-new 6″ x 8″ multi-axial 3-way model, the SRG6832C with 300 watts […]]]> 0
Clarion SRQ Series Car Speakers Sat, 11 Feb 2012 02:00:04 +0000
For 2012, Clarion announced its higher-end SRQ (Quality) series multi-axial and component car speakers. All offer powerful strontium magnets for dynamic bass response and use AMI polypropylene cone woofers with rubber surround for natural, deep low frequency response for unsurpassed sound and value. The SRQ series includes seven speakers and one pure soft dome tweeter. […]]]> 0
JL Audio C3-600 Convertible Component Car Speakers Tue, 31 Jan 2012 22:51:47 +0000
JL Audio announced the Evolution C3-600 Convertible Component Speaker System for Japanese automobiles that will not accept a full-size 6.5-inch speaker. There are times when an installation calls for a separate woofer and tweeter and other times when a coaxial is the better approach. With the Evolution C3 Convertible Component Systems, the same product can […]]]> 0
JL Audio M880-CCX Marine Coaxial Speakers Tue, 31 Jan 2012 21:16:21 +0000
JL Audio announced the M880-CCX 8.8-inch premium marine coaxial speaker system, offering a significant performance advantage over the previous 7.7-inch models, and a huge advantage over conventional 6.5 inch marine coaxials (at twice the cone area). JL Audio also designed a bigger, more powerful silk dome tweeter just for this model, so high-frequencies sound just […]]]> 0
BMW 6 Series Bang & Olufsen High-End Surround Sound System Fri, 08 Jul 2011 10:27:00 +0000
BMW announced it will offer an optional high-end surround sound system designed by Bang & Olufsen for its new BMW 6 Series Convertible (as well as the previously announced BMW 6 Series Coupe). With 12 active loudspeakers driven by 1,000 watts of power, the Bang & Olufsen high-end Surround Sound system for the BMW 6 […]]]> 0