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Trends Audio today unveiled the TA-10.2 SE Class-T Stereo Audio Amplifier. This special edition version is completely redesigned with elegant look and bundled with a special 4A Power adaptor for providing better sound performance. The back panel is same as the latest release of Trends TA-10.2P Power Amplifier with more convenient connection for audio and […]]]> 0
Trends Audio CQ-500 Audiophile Speaker Cable Thu, 09 Feb 2012 09:59:01 +0000
Trends Audio introduced the CQ-500 Audiophile Speaker Cable constructed with Single Crystallized Copper (OCC) conductor materials — a special type of high purity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) in which the whole copper rope is a composite of single copper crystal. There is no “Crystal Boundary” between crystals for extremely high signal transmission capability. (“Crystal Boundary” […]]]> 0
Trends Audio Introduces New SA-10 Loudspeakers! Wed, 14 Dec 2011 08:00:31 +0000
Trends Audio unveiled its first Loudspeakers — Trends SA-10 and SA-10R speakers. It is the perfect match with Trends Combo Hi-Fi System, Trends Bi-amp Audio System, Trends TA-10 amplifiers and the high quality amplifiers on the market. Offering superb performance for their incredibly modest price, the SA-10 designs are perfect for those looking for a […]]]> 0
Trends BA-10 Bi-amp Audio System Sun, 27 Nov 2011 07:56:22 +0000
Trends Audio introduced the BA-10 Bi-amp Audio System, which combines their PA-10.1D Tube Pre amplifier with two TA-10.2 SE Power Amplifiers. With this arrangement each TA-10.2 amplifier operates over a restricted frequency range. This restricted range presents each TA-10.2 amplifier with a much simpler job and each TA-10.2 amplifier is less likely to “influence” the […]]]> 0
Trends Audio PA-10.1D Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier Sun, 23 Oct 2011 07:53:02 +0000
Trends Audio introduced the PA-10.1D Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier. It provides all functions of headphone amplifier and pre amplifier as well have fun tube rolling. New Trends PA-10.1D includes a switchable input (CD/DAC or PC/iPod) and two inputs for targeting Bi-amp audio system below $1,000 budget. Meanwhile, it applies ELNA capacitors which result in improved transient […]]]> 0
Trends Audio Combo 1i iPod Hi-Fi System Fri, 23 Apr 2010 11:45:50 +0000
Trends Audio, today announced its new Hi-Fi Combo – Trends Combo 1i for iPhone/iPod Hi-Fi System. Using the latest release of Trends iPhone to RCA Audiophile cable and unique PC/iPod input with higher gain in Trends PA-10 Tube Headphone/Preamp, making Trends Combo 1i Hi-Fi System perfect for integrating the iPhone or iPod into the audio […]]]> 0
Trends Audio Combo One Hi-Fi System Mon, 01 Mar 2010 10:54:58 +0000
ITOK Media Limited, renowned Hong Kong manufacturer of high end but not high priced audio products, has launched its new Hi-Fi product – Trends Combo One Hi-Fi System. Using the latest release of Trends PW-10 Power supply unit concurrently supports the award-winning Trends TA-10.2P Class-T and Trends PA-10 Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier, making Trends Combo One […]]]> 0
Trends Audio PW-10 Power Supply Unit Mon, 25 Jan 2010 11:20:40 +0000
ITOK Media Limited’s innovative Hi-Fi brand “Trends Audio” launched their first power supply for the audiophiles – Trends PW-10 Power Supply Unit. Using newly designed, innovative circuit design and audiophile-grade parts, Trends’ revolutionary PW-10 PSU is a Transformer-based linear mode power supply and One AC power concurrently support THREE audio appliances including Trends TA-10 Amplifier […]]]> 0
Trends Audio TA-10.2 Class-T Amplifier for iPhone Tue, 15 Dec 2009 10:30:01 +0000
Better sound quality for audiophiles to play music from iPhone/iPod ITOK Media Limited’s innovative Hi-Fi brand Trends Audio launched their new audiophile mini palm-top amplifier – Trends TA-10.2 Class-T Amp for iPhone. Integrating Tripath’s proprietary Class-T Digital Power Processing ™ technology and the special techniques in circuit design, component selection and iPhone to RCA Audiophile […]]]> 0
Trends Audio PA-10 Tube Headphone / Pre Amplifier for iPhone Fri, 13 Nov 2009 11:09:17 +0000
ITOK Media Limited’s innovative Hi-Fi brand “Trends Audio” launched its innovative Hi-Fi product for iPhone – Trends PA-10 Tube Headphone/Pre Amplifier for iPhone. It is the first hybrid design utilizing a single 6DJ8/6922 series or 12AU7 series input vacuum tube for iPhone. Integrating new technologies in Trends iPhone to RCA Audiophile cable, the user gets […]]]> 0