MartinLogan Reviews & News – everything electronic Thu, 05 Apr 2018 00:32:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 MartinLogan Motion 20 and 40 Tower Speakers Tue, 10 Jan 2012 19:42:18 +0000
Floor standing speakers featuring proprietary Folded Motion transducers, elegant aesthetics, and powerful bass performance. MartinLogan announced the Motion 20 and Motion 40 floor standing speaker, which replace the Motion 10 and Motion 12 models. Both new floors standing models benefit from a number of design and performance enhancements including nearly twice the internal volume over […]]]> 0
MartinLogan Motion SLM On-Wall LCR Speaker Tue, 10 Jan 2012 09:58:00 +0000
The slimmest MartinLogan speaker ever features a multitude of install options and will change the perception of what is possible from a low-profile speaker. MartinLogan announced the slender Motion SLM, a wall-hanging or free standing LCR speaker that is powerful enough to stand alone and detailed enough to be used in conjunction with floor standing […]]]> 0
MartinLogan Stealth Architectural In-Wall/Ceiling Speakers Wed, 07 Sep 2011 00:51:07 +0000
MartinLogan announced three flagship architectural speakers, voice matched to the company's ultra-premium electrostatic speakers. The new Stealth Series, comprised of Axis, Edge and Vanquish (pictured top), are built on solid cast aluminum frames and feature MartinLogan's largest, low-distortion Folded Motion XT tweeters and high-excursion, black aluminum woofers and mid-range drivers. The Stealth Series implements an […]]]> 0
MartinLogan EFX On-Wall Electrostatic Speaker Wed, 07 Sep 2011 00:18:46 +0000
MartinLogan announced the new EFX hybrid electrostatic on-wall speaker, their slimmest reference quality wall-mountable solution to date. The EFX's electrostatic panel is housed in a radical, ultra-ridged extruded aluminum and composite AirFrame making the panels extremely rigid while maximizing playable surface area and dipole sound radiation. The EFX's Curvilinear Line Source (CLS) XStat transducer builds […]]]> 0
MartinLogan Montis Floor Standing Electrostatic Speaker Tue, 06 Sep 2011 20:30:38 +0000
MartinLogan announced the Montis hybrid electrostatic floor standing loudspeaker to their Reserve ESL Series. Inspired by MartinLogan's flagship CLX loudspeaker, the Montis features controlled dispersion curvilinear XStat electrostatic technology, a proprietary Vojtko crossover and DSP engine, and a seamlessly blended woofer system that delivers mid-range clarity, a richly etched soundstage, and tight low-frequency performance with […]]]> 0
MartinLogan Motion LX26 Tower Speaker Wed, 12 Jan 2011 18:09:00 +0000
MartinLogan just announced the Motion LX26 Tower Loudspeaker, featuring traditional quality wood craftsmanship and minimalistic elegance along with extended performance improvements. The Motion LX26 tower speaker achieves better low-frequency performance with dual low-distortion, 5.25-inch high-excursion woofers and a low-turbulence rear-firing bass port. The LX26's floor standing design increases the internal volume for extended power handling; […]]]> 0
MartinLogan Motion LX16 Bookshelf Speaker Wed, 12 Jan 2011 18:02:00 +0000
MartinLogan just unveiled the Motion LX16 Bookshelf Speaker, featuring traditional quality wood craftsmanship and minimalistic elegance along with extended performance improvements. The Motion LX16 bookshelf features MartinLogan's advanced resolution Folded Motion tweeter, a low-distortion 5.25-inch high-excursion woofer, and low-turbulence rear-firing bass port for extended bass performance. This new Motion line's clean design takes cues from […]]]> 0
MartinLogan ElectroMotion FX2 Surround Speaker Wed, 12 Jan 2011 17:50:00 +0000
MartinLogan just announced the ElectroMotion FX2 surround speaker. Priced at $649.95 each (US), the EM-FX2 features dual Folded Motion XT tweeters in a wide-dispersion array ideally suited for surround channel applications. A single 6.5-inch doped fiber-cone woofer provides powerful low-frequency extension. Available in either black or white, the EM-FX2 is designed to corner mount, wall […]]]> 0
MartinLogan ElectroMotion C2 Center Speaker Wed, 12 Jan 2011 17:45:00 +0000
MartinLogan just announced the ElectroMotion C2 center channel which features the world's most advanced thin film transducer technologies–electrostatic and compact Folded Motion–establishing a new benchmark for price verses performance. Designed and timed to coincide with the launch of the upcoming EM-ESL, the new EM-C2 center channel has a new, larger, low distortion Folded Motion XT […]]]> 0
MartinLogan Stealth Architectural Series In-Wall/Ceiling Speakers Wed, 08 Dec 2010 19:25:00 +0000
MartinLogan announced its new flagship Stealth Architectural Series In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speakers utilizing MartinLogan's new larger, low distortion Folded Motion XT tweeters, along with black-aluminum, high-excursion bass and mid-range drivers. Key to their sophisticated sound is an advanced topology crossover network with polypropylene and low-DF electrolytic capacitors, custom wound inductors, and thermal and current protection. Premium wire […]]]> 0