Crestron Reviews & News – everything electronic Thu, 05 Apr 2018 00:32:37 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Crestron Sonnex 24X8 Multiroom Audio System Tue, 04 Jan 2011 09:08:00 +0000
Crestron announced its Sonnex 24X8 Multiroom Audio System is now shipping. Sonnex transmits 48 channels of uncompressed 24-bit HD audio long distances across a single shielded CAT5-type cable to up to 74 zones. Featuring a breakthrough all-in-one high-efficiency hardware design and exclusive single-wire digital bus technology, Sonnex substantially reduces the hardware and cabling requirements of […]]]> 0
Crestron iPaneL for iPad Tue, 21 Sep 2010 02:46:00 +0000
Turns the iPad Into a Crestron Touchpanel With Tactile Hard Buttons Crestron today announced the iPaneL, which turns any iPad into a powerful, 2-way wireless Crestron touchpanel. The stylish, gloss black iPaneL features tactile hard buttons for quick access to the most used functions, such as volume up/down, mute, and a 5-way thumb pad for […]]]> 0
Crestron PROCISE PSPHD Surround Sound Processor Sat, 07 Aug 2010 18:46:00 +0000
Professional-Grade, Multi-Channel Audio Processing for HD Home Theaters or Boardrooms Crestron announced PROCISE, a professional audio processing product line that creates a completely immersive audio experience. The PSPHD high-definition 7.3 surround sound audio processor is uniquely designed for both commercial and residential applications. Three independent subwoofer outputs provide a powerful bass sensation that is evenly […]]]> 0
Crestron PT-AMFMXM Radio Tuner for Prodigy Fri, 21 May 2010 21:44:45 +0000
Provides Access to 150+ Channels; Now Shipping Crestron today announced the release of the PT-AMFMXM, the AM, FM, and XM radio tuner for Prodigy systems. The PT-AMFMXM includes one AM/FM and one XM radio tuner, which can be individually tuned and distributed to any room in the house. With the PT-AMFMXM, any Prodigy touchpanel, Apple […]]]> 0
Crestron DigitalMedia DM-TX-300N-F Fiber/CAT A/V Transmitters Sun, 06 Dec 2009 09:44:23 +0000
DM-TX-300N Provides a rack-mountable interface for a wide variety of digital and analog sources as part of a complete DigitalMedia System Crestron continues to develop its DigitalMedia™ (DM) line to deliver a complete source-to-display digital solution for any application. The newest DM output card is now available in 20 versions, expanding even further the capabilities […]]]> 0
Crestron MP-AMP30 Media Presentation Audio Amplifier Sun, 06 Dec 2009 09:33:18 +0000
Compact, Efficient 15 Watt Stereo Amplifier for Classrooms, Lecture Halls, Conference Rooms and Boardrooms Now shipping, the Crestron MP-AMP30 is a convenient, low cost audio amplifier for applications in which audio from source equipment is directly connected to and switched by the video projector. The MP-AMP30 amplifier drives the audio signal from these sources directly […]]]> 0
Crestron MPC-M5 Media Presentation Controller Tue, 27 Oct 2009 16:13:46 +0000 0 Crestron DigitalMedia Fiber Input Cards and Transmitter Wed, 21 Oct 2009 15:37:32 +0000
Crestron Expands its Flexible, Long Distance Fiber Transmission Solutions Crestron DigitalMedia™ (DM) fiber input cards and transmitter are now shipping, adding new flexibility to the DM family of products. DM delivers the only complete, integrated solution for the digital age: reliable switching and distribution of all analog audio and video, high-res computer, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, […]]]> 0
Crestron Expands Its Line of Certified Wire Mon, 19 Oct 2009 18:02:02 +0000
Wide Variety of Pre-Terminated Cables Ensures High Performance, End-to-End Crestron Quality in Every Installation Crestron has added 60 new interface cable models to its selection of Crestron Certified Wire. Fully supporting the multiple signal types utilized in AV systems today — including VGA, RCA, DVI, Category 2 HDMI and DisplayPort multimode — Crestron interface cables […]]]> 0
Crestron Mobile Pro iPhone App Fri, 25 Sep 2009 13:04:18 +0000
Crestron Mobile Pro Provides even Greater Whole House Control Now available for download from the iTunes App Store, Crestron Mobile Pro™ combines the capabilities of Crestron Mobile™– to view home or office alarm status and adjust lights and room temperatures — with even greater power and flexibility for whole house control, including pre-set audio and […]]]> 0