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Clarion announced Next GATE, a 7-inch, touch-screen, in-vehicle smartphone controller for iPhone that brings app functionality into the car. Next GATE (model SC1U) leverages the power of the smartphone and its wireless connectivity, allowing hands-free calling, voice dialing, voice activation, navigation, Internet radio and more. Aside from app integrations, Next GATE also comes equipped with […]]]> 0
Clarion SRG Series Car Speakers Sat, 11 Feb 2012 07:12:14 +0000
For 2012, Clarion announced eight value-priced SRG (Good) series multi-axial and coaxial car speakers, all with powerful strontium magnet and metallized PEI cone mid-range or metallized PEI balanced-drive mid-range and metallized PEI baranced-drive tweeter or dome tweeter. Three are 3-way multi-axial speakers. One all-new 6″ x 8″ multi-axial 3-way model, the SRG6832C with 300 watts […]]]> 0
Clarion SRQ Series Car Speakers Sat, 11 Feb 2012 02:00:04 +0000
For 2012, Clarion announced its higher-end SRQ (Quality) series multi-axial and component car speakers. All offer powerful strontium magnets for dynamic bass response and use AMI polypropylene cone woofers with rubber surround for natural, deep low frequency response for unsurpassed sound and value. The SRQ series includes seven speakers and one pure soft dome tweeter. […]]]> 0
Clarion XR2420, XR2220, XR2120 Car Amplifiers Sat, 11 Feb 2012 01:19:50 +0000
For 2012, Clarion announced the XR series Class AB entry level car amplifiers with black piano lacquer finish aluminum heat sinks. The XR amplifier line offers powerful balanced sound with high mass heat sink for longer playing time, high current, fast switching power and audio transistors for dynamic transient peaks. Multi-stranded windings on its power […]]]> 0
Clarion XC6410 and XC6210 Car/Marine Amplifiers Sat, 11 Feb 2012 00:55:30 +0000
For 2012, Clarion announced the XC high performance full range Class D digital amplifiers with compact size for automotive or marine use. The all-new XC series amplifiers feature electronic high and low-pass crossovers, PWM regulated MOS-FET power supply, variable bass boost control and auto sense remote turn-on via RCA input. The XC6410 4-channel amplifier offers […]]]> 1
Clarion M502 Marine Head Unit Wed, 01 Feb 2012 22:11:41 +0000
Clarion announced the M502 CD-less marine digital media receiver that is one of the first to be compatible with the new SXV200 SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner (sold separately, SiriusXM subscription required). The compact SiriusXM tuners have one simple connection, providing integration of SiriusXM satellite radio in an inexpensive and easy to install package. The M502 […]]]> 0
Clarion NX702, NX602, NZ502 Navigation Head Units Wed, 01 Feb 2012 19:46:59 +0000
Clarion announced three built-in navigation in-dash source units that boast full-featured capabilities such as SiriusXM satellite radio compatibility, built-in Parrot Bluetooth, Pandora internet radio compatibility, iPod and iPhone integration and HD Radio compatibility. Clarion's flagship model, the NX702 all-in-one 2-DIN audio video navigation head unit offers an expansive high resolution WVGA seven inch sloping touch-screen […]]]> 0
Clarion CZ702, FZ502, CZ302, CZ202, CZ102 Head Units Wed, 01 Feb 2012 19:03:21 +0000
For 2012, Clarion introduced five in-dash 1-DIN car audio source units that focus on wireless connectivity and digital media playback, while keeping pricing affordable. New features include SiriusXM satellite radio compatibility, Pandora internet radio compatibility and built-in Parrot Bluetooth for hands-free calling and stereo audio streaming Clarion’s flagship model, the CZ702 is the most advanced […]]]> 0
Clarion VX401, VZ401 and CZ101 Head Units Sat, 06 Nov 2010 23:26:00 +0000
Clarion announced they will begin shipping three all-new 2011 mobile electronics head units this month. Clarion's new 2011 products include sleek-new styling, intuitive user-friendly features and dazzling displays. The VX401 (photo above) and VZ401 include a first-class HMI experience on new digital WVGA high resolution widescreen monitors offering smooth-natural input styles. These premium multimedia source […]]]> 0