Using Mission Control in Mountain Lion

Safari, Mail, iTunes, Pages…quite often you can find yourself with many applications open at once, and with these applications comes a sea of open windows to sort through. But there is a better way to get to the window you want than by shuffling through windows to get to what is behind.

Using Mission Control in Mountain Lion
Mission Control

Mission Control

It’s called Mission Control, and it’s very simple, and very elegant. You’ll find a dedicated button for Mission Control on the top row of your keyboard — a key with a picture of three rectangles (and F3 written in the corner). You can also access it by clicking Mission Control in your dock.

What this does is separate all open windows into a grid, so that you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for, and switch to that window. But Mission Control goes far beyond this.
OS X allows you to create additional desktop workspaces. Perhaps you would like an area for work, an area for games, and an area for social networking, but want to keep these separate to avoid having too many windows on screen at once. Creating additional desktops allows you to do this.

While in Mission Control, move your cursor to the top right corner of the screen. You will see a + icon appear; clicking it creates a new desktop workspace for you to use as you wish. You can even drag open windows between these desktops whilst in Mission Control.

The main area of mission control shows your open application windows from the current desktop, but you will also see an area above this. This area contains any additional desktop workspaces you may have created. Clicking on one takes you to it.

The area at the top is also home to applications which are in full screen mode. Many applications have a full-screen mode, allowing the app to exist in its own workspace and take up the entire screen.

To put an application into full screen, look at the top right corner of its window. Apps that have a full screen mode have an icon in this top right corner, as demonstrated in the picture below. Simply clicking the icon puts the app into full screen, in its own fresh workspace.

Using Mission Control in Mountain Lion
The top right corner of the window.

When an app is in full screen mode, the dock is hidden. Simply move your cursor to the bottom of the screen, and the dock will reappear allowing you to switch applications or go back to Mission Control.

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