DISH Network Introduces Blockbuster Movie Pass for $10/month

DISH Network Introduces Blockbuster Movie Pass for $10/month

Dish Network announced the Blockbuster Movie Pass streaming service starting at $10 per month to your TV and computer. The service also includes a “DVDs by Mail” option which allows discs to be picked up or returned at any Blockbuster retail location. The service will launch Oct. 1, 2011 in the U.S.

Dish Network takes clear aim at Netflix and Qwikster, as well as Redbox. Dish Network is quick to point out you get the same service at about half the price. However, there are two major caveats. First, you’ll currently need to subscribe to Dish Network’s satellite TV service to get this offer. Non-dish customers are out of luck at this time. Second, access to the subscription streaming movie service requires a DISH Network HD DVR, so current customers may need to upgrade their set-top box.

The $10 monthly subscription allows just one DVD rental by mail at a time, but DISH will offer tiered plans at $15 and $20/month.

Blockbuster Movie Pass Features

  • 100,000+ DVD movies, TV shows and games available by mail.
  • No additional charge for high definition Blu-ray movies.
  • One, two or three disc plans available.
  • Queue management made conveniently from a link at
  • 3,000+ movies can be streamed to the TV.
  • 4,000+ movies can be streamed to the PC.
  • Hundreds of on-demand TV shows.
  • 3,000+ video games by mail for Xbox, Xbox 360, Playstation2, Playstation3, and Nintendo Wii.
  • Unlimited exchanges of DVDs and video games at participating Blockbuster stores.
  • More than 20 premium entertainment movie channels from studios like MGM, Epix, Sony Movie Channel, PixL and more.

“We’ve created a package that combines the best assets of the movie entertainment and video gaming industries with the convenience and integration provided by a multichannel video provider,” said Michael Kelly, president of Blockbuster. “Blockbuster Movie Pass is the ultimate programming package for every movie buff. The combination of DVDs by mail and unlimited in-store exchanges provides more than 100 million people living near Blockbuster stores, which are open 7 days a week, immediate satisfaction and unmatched choice.” The full press conference presentation can viewed on ustream.

DISH hopes to attract many new pay-TV satellite customers, so they’re offering Blockbuster Movie Pass for free to new satellite TV customers, paying $39 or more per month for a limited time.

by Brian Mitchell, Founder & CEO,

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